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Terms & Conditions

By using our Service, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

1. Definitions

“Customer” means the person who orders the service from us.

“Contact person” means the person that we will contact to schedule the assignment, in most cases the property owner.

“VastMedia” means all our services, and representatives that deliver services on VastMedia’s behalf, such as a photographer.

“Agent system” means systems that the Customer uses to provide his/her service.

“Materials” means the finalized materials delivered by VastMedia to the Customer, such as edited photos.

2. General terms and conditions for ordering

Ordering at VastMedia should primarily take place via VastMedia’s website or API/Integrations.

The Customer is responsible to ensure that the order contains correct information. An additional cost may be charged according to the current prices list if the order contains incomplete or incorrect information resulting in additional work for VastMedia.

The order must always contain the following information

  • Property address (including postal code and city)

  • The Contact person with whom to schedule the assignment with

  • Phone number of the Contact person

  • Photo package and/or product(s) for the order

If key collection is ordered, the following information must also be provided

  • Contact person to schedule key collection with and their phone number

  • Address and other relevant information about where the key is to be retrieved

Information for faster booking of the assignment and improved service

  • Email address for the Contact person

  • Email address for the Customer

  • Property type

  • Number of floors and size of the property

  • Preferred date and time for the assignment

  • Name of Contact person

  • Assignment number in the Agent system (in order to distribute photos directly)

  • Name on doorbell

  • Special considerations that VastMedia must take into account and/or that are particularly important to be captured

If a desired time for the assignment is not stated in the order or VastMedia is unable to accommodate the request, VastMedia will use the following procedure to schedule the assignment with the Contact person for the order:

  1. Assignments ordered before 12:00 will be followed-up within the same day. Orders received after 12:00 will be handled within the following business day.

  2. If Contact person cannot be reached by phone, an SMS will be sent with information and asks the person to return our call.

  3. If there is no response within 1-2 business days, step 2 is repeated once.

  4. If contact can’t be achieved, the Customer will be notified and the assignment will be put on hold until VastMedia receives further notice.

The Customer will receive an e-mail confirmation when: 1) the order is received by VastMedia, and 2) time for the assignment is confirmed.

3. Prices

Prices are stated in the current price list. All prices for products and additional services are stated excl. VAT, unless otherwise specified or agreed.

4. Cancellation

An assignment can be cancelled at no extra charge if the cancellation is received by e-mail or phone before 15:00 on the working day before the agreed date of the assignment.

VastMedia will require a cancellation fee according to current price list in the following cases:

  • The cancellation takes place after 15:00 the day before or on the day of the photo session.

  • No-one is present on the property at the agreed time or the keys are not available as agreed upon, and the photographer has not been able to contact the customer or house owner by phone or SMS within 10 minutes.

If VastMedia has to cancel a photo session, VastMedia will promptly notify the Contact person and suggest a new date and time.

5. Executing the assignment

VastMedia will offer a time slot for the assignment within five business days.

Assignments requiring daylight is performed on all working days and this will primarily take place in the time period 09:00 – 17:00. Assignments after 17:00, on Saturdays/Sundays and public holidays, is dependant on availability and will be invoiced according to the current price list.

Included driving distance to properties is defined with the products. Services for properties located on islands without a mainland connection or services that include aerial devices, may be subject to separate terms.

If the photographer is sick, VastMedia can send another photographer without informing the Customer.

VastMedia is not responsible for the weather conditions. Therefore, the Customer or Contact person must inform VastMedia if the assignment is to be postponed in accordance with the applicable deadlines stated in paragraph 4.

6. Preparation of the property

VastMedia sends instructions for how to prepare the property to the Contact person in the form of a link to a video and a checklist (if the e-mail of the Contact person is included in the order). The property must be ready for the assignment when the photographer arrives. For zView (Virtual Walk-Through) and video, the photographer is recommended to be alone on the property, because people and fixtures/objects cannot be moved while the recording takes place.

VastMedia may provide input if a minor change can improve the output . However, VastMedia assumes the property is prepared as the home-owner wants it to be. VastMedia must contact the orderer of the service if the property is not sufficiently prepared to clarify whether the assignment is to be carried out or not. If VastMedia cannot reach the orderer on the phone or by SMS within 10 minutes, VastMedia decides whether to execute or cancel the assignment. If VastMedia is asked to execute an assignment on a property that is not prepared, which takes longer than an average assignment for the ordered product(s), the additional time required to clean and prepare the property will be invoiced.

If VastMedia is of the opinion that the property is not in a proper condition, and therefore, not ready or suitable for marketing purposes, or if VastMedia finds it unsafe to move around the property due to – but not limited to – threatening residents, domestic animals or weather conditions, VastMedia is entitled to cancel the photo session of the property and the Customer is charged a cancellation fee according to the current price list. If the Customer chooses to cancel the photo session on the same day, because the property is not prepared or is not in a proper condition, the Customer will be charged a cancellation fee according to the current price list. The additional costs associated with a new assignment will be covered by the customer.

7. Delivery and storage

VastMedia delivers images/videos within 28 days of the photo session, and considers the assignment as completed at the moment materials are sent to the Customer. Floor plans submitted as sketches for drawing will be delivered on the following business day.

It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to store the delivery. As a service, VastMedia will store a backup of delivered images and/or floor plans for a period of 12 months.

If the Customer need the Materials delivered on the same day as it is executed, it must take place before 12:00. Assignments scheduled after 12:00 cannot be guaranteed delivered on the same day. Delivery on the same day as execution,  charged an additional fee, according to the current price list.

8. Complaints or changes to the delivery

VastMedia shows the real condition of the property, and does not use image manipulation by hiding or adding objects. If editing is desired, this must be agreed with VastMedia. VastMedia cannot be held responsible for such changes and the Customer will assume total responsibility for this.

VastMedia accepts no responsibility for any deviations or errors that may occur on floor plans, as these are only intended as illustrations. Errors from VastMedia’s side will be corrected free of charge, while correction of errors on submitted sketches do not fall within VastMedia’s liability and will be subject to additional costs according to the current price list.

If the Customer does not point out errors, defects or dissatisfaction with the delivered material within 14 days after the delivery, the delivery is considered to be correct and accepted by the Customer. If the property/project has been sold using the Materials, the complaint is void and the customer is not entitled to compensation for the complaint.

9. Right of use

VastMedia has copyright of the delivered Materials. This copyright is inviolable. The Customer purchases an exclusive right of use to market the property/project depicted until it is sold. The Customer is only entitled to use the right of use for one (1) sale.

If the property is not sold, the customer can transfer the right of use to another agent, free of charge, once either directly or via the Contact person within 12 months from the time the assignment took place. VastMedia can assist with the transfer, only if we receive a written confirmation from the Customer,. A service fee will be charged according to the current price list. Other resale or use, without the written approval of VastMedia, is an infringement of the right of use.

If the images are used for purposes other than marketing of the property/project photographed, the customer will be charged for the extended right of use in addition to the current price list.

VastMedia has the right to use the images for own marketing, without the consent of the customer. Images that are not directly linked to the property, such as – but not limited to – images of the site, are not exclusive and may be used by VastMedia for marketing and resale.

10. Terms of payment

VastMedia invoices soon as the project is complete via e-mail. Invoices sent in other ways than e-mail will be charged a fee according to the current price list. Unless anything else is agreed, payment terms is of 7 days.

11. Force majeure

Unforeseeable and unpredictable circumstances preventing execution of an assignment, entitles VastMedia to cancel the assignment, in whole or in part, or to extend the delivery time according to the nature and duration of the situation. VastMedia must promptly notify the customer in case of a force majeure situation. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to work disputes, downtime, stoppage in traffic (car, train, airplane, bus, boat), changed legislation, power supply interruptions, interruptions or downtime of the internet connections, server downtime, government regulations, environmental conditions, war, insurgency, unrest, suddenly changing labour market and/or market conditions. The delay or cancellation associated with the force majeure situation does not warrant a claim against VastMedia.

12. Liability

VastMedia uses freelance photographers. Therefore, all consequential damages are covered by the insurance of the individual freelance photographer. VastMedia can under no circumstances be held liable for accidental or indirect damages, including consequential loss or consequential damages, loss of data or damages caused by 3rd party products or 3rd party software. The same applies in case of violation of the private property rights in connection with the photo session.

If compensation is made applicable, the amount will be limited to the agreed amount of the assignment. Replacement or compensation is granted only in case of defects or deficiencies in the delivered product or service. VastMedia is not responsible for indirect loss of delivery.

13. Disputes

Any disputes between VastMedia and the Customer, in relation to the contents of the above terms of sale and delivery, including agreements entered into in this connection, shall be solved by negotiation. If such negotiations are unsuccessful, the dispute shall be solved according to the British law and in accordance with ordinary court proceedings.

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